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Specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of high-precision, double-sided/multi-layer, and special printed circuit boards (PCBs)


New energy

Yuwei Electronics has been deeply involved in the field of new energy for many years. Compared to traditional products, its high current, long-term, and high heat dissipation working environment is even more harsh. In terms of manufacturing, new energy PCBs have higher requirements for copper thickness, outer circuit soldmask, and lamination. Yuwei Electronics' production line is highly automated, equipped with production equipment designed and manufactured by manufacturers. The flow production lines are closely integrated, providing comprehensive and stable solutions.

Graphics card

As one of the important accessories of computers, graphics cards have strict control over their PCBs. The long-term high-temperature operating environment has high requirements for PCB production in terms of graphics card frequency and operational efficiency, especially in impedance design and control, as well as the balance between surface copper and pore copper, all of which need to be controlled according to three-level standards.


The specific requirements of automobiles for PCBs are influenced by environmental loads such as temperature, humidity, and vibration during their lifespan, and require strict reliability, safety, and adaptability of PCBs.


With the development of modern communication integration and multifunctional technology, strict production deviation control is implemented for PCB high-density line interconnection, copper thickness uniformity, precision of line width and distance, medium thickness uniformity, and material insertion loss control

Industrial control

It is normal for industrial equipment to work 24/7, and PCB must be made of more stable and durable copper or heat-resistant materials to meet their durability requirements under high temperature, high humidity, and high corrosion conditions